Challenge: Speak Through Action

Hercules taking action

Talk through action. Do and be the descriptions that you give yourself, set that as a goal.

Action is Authentic


Words can help us declare our intentions but can mislead our priorities. Talking about our plans can temporarily satisfy the ego and our image, but puts our body and mind’s priorities out of balance.


An absence of words and speaking through action moves mountains and conquers lions. With silence we put our image at stake. Through action, you will finally discover what really matters for you.


If you are trying to lose weight, is it to impress your friends and family? If that is the case, all you need is words.


Tell them how much your exercising, or tell them about the new nutrition plan. This may impress them, they will satisfy your image, and then you will no longer want to lose weight.


In other words, it was not about your health, it was about your image.


If you talk through action, you will see clearly that your goal to lose weight is not about them, it is about you and your health. It is a humbling process.


Seriously! Try to stop talking, and try to communicate solely through doing and being, let that be your language.


Prove It!


Don’t tell someone you love them, love them, give them hugs, be there when they need you the most.


Don’t talk about your diet through words, talk about your diet by eating the diet in front of them.


Do not mistake speaking through action as being silent or mute, because action can require speaking.


For example, instead of talking about how good of a singer you are, pull out the mic and sing them to tears of joy!


Don’t tell someone that you are trying to be more authentic. Instead, tell them a secret about yourself.


Try this challenge for yourself, because not only is it humbling, but it also turns your intentions into reality.


Sit for a moment and think of the consequences your life would have if you seriously stopped talking and replaced your language with raw action.


Take the call to action! United Insights would love to hear your experiences with this challenge.

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