Day 1: Taking the Initiative (30 Day Car Living Challenge)

Journal: 9/3/2018

Tonight is the first night of my 30 day challenge!

Here are a few things to keep into consideration as I start this article series:


The purpose of the car camper project is to first-hand test the benefits of living the lifestyle of a monk in a car. I will balance out my college classes, game design work (my current source of income), the blog, and a meditation schedule while living in this car. You will get to see the whole process of improving both myself and the car camper throughout my journal. For those who are interested in trying this for yourself, this will be a front-row seat to all of the challenges you could face first-hand, what realistic obstacles will take place, and profound lessons that come from this experience.


This is my current load-out (minus the decorative pillows – adding a cooler with the shelves and curtains in the front windows).

Car Camper driver seat looking at bedCar Camper Back SeatCar Camper cloth shoe dressorCar Camper bed

I don’t have any cookware yet to prepare my own meals, nor do I have any food to store. That being said, I won’t always be in the car. Until I have these things set up, I will only spend time in the car in the mornings and at night.

Here are a few things I do want utilize during this challenge challenge:

  1. Some form of stove
  2. Cookware,
  3. Storable food,
  4. A source of power
  5. Water

The first night:


It is currently summer. At 10 pm it is still toasty in this Georgia weather. I feel like a rotisserie chicken that could go to sleep without any blankets. What a strange feeling! Sleeping in your car is similar to sleeping in a warm egg (without the yoke of course).

From past experience in camping in my car this last spring, I sit in the driver’s seat, turn on an LED light and brush my teeth looking at the makeup mirror above my head. If there is a grassy area, I simply rinse my mouth outside. If there is nowhere to rinse outside, I use a paper napkin from my glove compartment and throw it in my oatmeal canister “trash can.”

This will be my first night of using my curtains for needed privacy!

This is the first day of this challenge, but it is only the second time have I ever slept in a residential parking lot, the lot being my apartment complex. Although the curtains give full privacy and the windows reflect the majority of light on their own at night, the first night will heighten your senses. You might hear someone parking or walking near you and go into “battle station” mode. Realistically this will happen if you don’t have the luxury of parking your car in beautiful nature, but after a day or two it is easy to loosen up.

Time to go to sleep! I will share how the night goes and keep an eye out for day 2. For now, I would like to hear your feedback. What should I name my car home? I am considering the name: “Mobile Monastery,” but what do you think?

Share your insights with us! – Justin

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