Frequently Asked Questions

What is a modern monk?

  • A modern monk is a master of their own life.
  • They question everything and are willing to go to the ends of their earth to discover what is true.
  • The modern monk is a philosopher who actually puts the philosophy into practice.
  • They are masters of observation, meditation, and self-reflection.
  • Monks are life minimalists and they admire the beauty in everything.
  • They work towards sustainable-internal fulfillment.

How do I become a modern monk?

  • You do not have to become a monk by ceremony or by ordination. It starts with your personal commitment to improve your life. It starts as soon as you get up in the morning and how you carry out your day. Becoming a monk is not about being “perfect,” sacrificing your possessions or by trying to be selfless. It is about loving the daily routines of life – from the grandiose challenges life has to offer to the subtlest chores of washing dishes. Virtue is not forced but is rather a natural result of becoming a happy individual.

What is financial freedom?

It is the ability to not only sustain oneself, but also enough finances to not be bound by someone else’s decisions. also enough which finances do not determine life choices that benefit or harm someone’s freedom and well-being. This is foundational if you wish to design the lifestyle fit for a modern monk.

What is addiction liberation?

When it comes to success, our greatest hindrance is our personal addictions. We only have 24 hours in a day and a limited amount of energy. Addictions from alcohol, TV, junk food, and the internet. We bounce from one desire to the next until our day is over, no room left to work towards our greater purpose, no time to pursue long-term goals. Addiction liberation builds a foundation for healthy habits, a necessity to go any further in your journey.

What are spiritual practices?

Spiritual practices are tools such as meditation, contemplation, self-reflection, and yoga. These practices help you gain profound insights about yourself and the nature of existence. In addition, these practices change your physiology and psychology over time to benefit your well-being.

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