A New Perspective To Enjoy School and Overcome Test Anxiety

This article is a continuation of “How to Really Graduate From School.”

Now that we discussed the potential of graduating from anxiety, how do we actually do it?

To answer that question, let us talk about test anxiety

Here is an alternative (yet simple) perspective on education:


School is designed just for you. Your classes are for you. Its purpose is to teach you the knowledge, skills, and insights to use in your life. Ultimately that is all that matters, what you get out of it. This shifts he focus on exams and feeling worthy to how much can you soak up and learn regardless of the consequences.


If you fully apply this perspective, something counter-intuitive will happen. Contrary to our beliefs, a perspective on learning will improve your grades and your ability to apply that knowledge. Teacher’s will like you even more than before!

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You do not have to be selfish, this is not about making treating your teacher’s poorly or telling them to serve you. This is about your attitude and how you participate in school.

Ask these two important questions:

  • How can I be happy, even if I get a bad grade?
  • How can I ground myself in my purpose and fulfillment even on “rock bottom?”


I am not telling you to purposely fail! Rather, make this a theme for the next couple of weeks and learn to accept yourself for who you are regardless of the consequences. If you are afraid that accepting yourself will result in a lack of motivation to get good grades, then gooood! If this is the case, it means that you use anxiety for motivation. It is unhealthy, it is inauthentic, and it makes school a painful process.


If you want to live the best life possible, you have to be willing to let go of your unhealthy motives. Yes, there is a possibility that things will collapse, allow them to collapse. (The plot twist is that the fear of collapse is not real.) You need to discover why education benefits you, why it is so valued by adults, and why people claim it to be a necessity and a fundamental human right.


Accepting yourself, your anxiety levels will plummet!

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