I am at a stage which I spend 3/4 of my time struggling to make the website and blog work the way I want it to rather than the writing or content creation itself. It is tedious things like WordPress making mandatory updates, simplifying the blog writing tools to the point which I cannot resize videos or images, unable to change the fonts for bullet points, and so on, that it halts my productivity. There are many features I want to implement for the United Insights community but I do not have the right “software infrastructure / plugins” to make this happen. It is quite frustrating and I am unsure what the next step is at the moment.

Until I can find easier web tools to use, I am going to focus on just content creation rather than the aesthetics. I apologize ahead of time for all of the ugly duckling scrapyard Frankenstein stitched posts coming soon.


What’s New:

  • Updated the resources page; found a new plugin to help me further customize our website and make it more intuitive.


What’s New:

  • Added a new category: Guest Writers.
    • This is where writers other than me contribute works of their own and collaborate with United Insights! If you are interested in posting an article yourself, please contact me either through email or by discord.


What’s New:

  • Added the category Car Living
  • We now have a discord server! Click here to join.
    • This channel is for the United Insights community. Here I can directly interact with my readers, whether they have any questions, any ideas about what type of articles you want to read, any feedback, or whether they want to get involved with United Insights. This is a place for intriguing discussions, live meditation sessions, and more to come! We currently have around 40 members.

What’s Planned:

I will add three categories: Addiction Liberation, Modern Monk, and Spiritual Practices.

Other Notes:

I needed to make a pivotal decision for United Insights, what type of language will I use in my writing? In my life I do swear from time to time and recognize that it limits the potential audience that can benefit from my writing. That being said, I’ve made a commitment; no unnecessary swearing in “United Insights territory.”  I will still plan to talk about the same subjects, some of which may be controversial. Nonetheless, they are important ones we must address and learn from. However, the language will be as clean as possible as long as it does not take away from the topic.


What’s New:

  • Our official grand opening and release to Facebook!
  • Stripped down the blog categories for now.
  • Cleaned up some older blog posts and improved readability.
  • Added social media share buttons on articles
  • New “About United Insights / About Me” page
  • Updated the home page

What’s Planned:

  • Adding a definition blog category. This would post definitions frequently used by United Insights, with a detailed explanation of the phrase with other sources.
  • Modern Monk Project will become its own blog category, which the car camper project will be a subtopic of that.
  • My college semester is coming up mid August, so I will do my best to balance that and continue posting new content.


What’s New:

  • New website layout!
  • Now SSL Secured
  • New “Free Resources” page.

What’s Planned:

  • I will be releasing “article series” that talk about a specific topic and all of its juicy angles.
  • Update existing articles, improve the readability and add more images.
  • Make the blog categories more distinguished once more content is added.
  • Release my car camper project.
  • Add an email subscription with bonuses.
  • Fine tune public speaking and start making videos!