Comfort Versus Freedom: Should I live in a car, van, or an RV?

If you are interested in van living, here is an excellent video made by Bob and his channel CheapRVLiving and the nature of comfort and freedom.


Monks can live a life of freedom over comfort when their meditation practices and retreats liberate them from addictions. When you slow down life and make your own decisions, less becomes more.That being said, everyone has their own challenges and goals in life and they require their own balance of comfort and freedom.


What is the right balance for me?


If you are interested in meditation retreats for the first time , then I recommend a car.


Most people already have cars, so there is little work needed to get started. It is better to try it on a small scale first than to over-commit and invest in something large. In addition, the smaller the car, the less distractions you have, the greater your concentration and effectiveness will be. 


The greater the challenge, the juicier the reward will be. Human nature adapts to its circumstances, its happiness and fulfillment is independent from what is comfortable. Our comforts and entertainment numb us of the simple joys of life, just like how a hot shower will make the world feel cold. All it takes is time to ween out addictions to comfort. What you will see as trivial and challenging in the beginning will become enjoyable in the long run.


If you plan on sustainable, long-term retreats or living in this way, then I recommend a van.


The balance of this comfort and freedom gives you a steady pace to work with and to keep morale. In addition, it allows you to live the way of the modern monk for years if you wanted to.


If you get an RV, you might as well get a hot tub while your at it 😉


In all seriousness, an RV can do the trick, but it will not have the same effect as a car or a van, because the whole purpose of a retreat is to step outside of your comfort zone to grow yourself. The balance of comfort and freedom is unique for each individual, so the choice is yours.


If you are interested in van living for financial freedom and spiritual growth, which type of vehicle do you prefer?

Share your insights with us! – Justin





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